Operational safety

Operational safety

The safety of our employees, neighbours and the environment takes top priority

Zellstoff Stendal is the most modern pulp plant in Europe. Pulp production requires very complex plant operation. It consists of a large number of process operations and technical facilities using various chemicals, some of which are classified as hazardous.

The safety of our employees, neighbours and the environment is our number one priority. We set high standards on occupational safety, production safety, environmental protection, and accident prevention. We are continuously investing in future-oriented, environmentally sound plant and production facilities as well as the professional qualification of our employees in order to maintain and further improve the safety and reliability of the plant.

Zellstoff Stendal is part of the Mercer-wide safety program ‘Road to Zero’. All employees are involved in this program. Together, we continually check and optimize processes with regard to their security. Every employee has the right to a safe workplace, but at the same time everyone at Mercer shares responsibility for the safety of the company.

We rely on frequent security training as well as proactive cooperation with the authorities and external emergency services regarding prevention and emergency response. Zellstoff Stendal has its own factory fire brigade, which is equipped and trained for emergency situations.

We voluntarily audit our environmental and quality management annually using an external auditor.

Safety information for the public

Be informed, act correctly

Zellstoff Stendal is subject to the German Hazardous Incident Ordinance on account of the various chemicals handled. We have presented a safety assessment to the competent authorities in accordance with the ordinance. It contains an analysis of all parts of the plant that are relevant to safety concerns, and we highlight safety hazards and measures that minimise the risk of incidents. These measures are integrated into the occupational safety objectives and programmes of Zellstoff Stendal.

The likelihood of danger from a hazardous incident is therefore very low. But it can never be precluded entirely. Adherence to the following provision is of great important to us: Informing the neighbourhood about any potential dangers, implemented preventive measures and rules to follow in case of an incident.

This brochure gives you an insight into our company. We inform you about the substances we use, potential consequences of an incident and effective protective measures.