Successful production in harmony with the environment

State-of-the-art facilities


Our task is twofold: we must design our product and production processes both as environmentally friendly as technically possible and economically sound.

Compared to other modern sulphate pulp plants, our pulp factory clearly excels in terms of its environmental characteristics and even redefines the state of technology in many environmental parameters.

Environmental protection

Zellstoff Stendal GmbH can only succeed when our economical and ecological requirements are in balance. This makes environmental protection a crucial part of our company strategy, which is made all the more important by certain special characteristics:
Every day, large amounts of water are taken from the Elbe for production purposes and returned to the river following a complicated process of mechanical and biological cleaning. The Elbe river is part of the “Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve”, which means that its water must be handled especially carefully and sparingly.

Our pulp factory is surrounded by nature reserves and conservation areas and located at the edge of a “NATURA 2000” area. We attach great importance to handling the natural resources that have been entrusted to us with enormous care.