Wood is our passion!

A renewable raw material gained from sustainable forestry

Coniferous wood is our raw material. It is renewable, making it particularly gentle on the environment.

Our factory processes approximately 3 million solid metres of wood, primarily pine and spruce, every year. Our subsidiary Mercer Holz is responsible for purchasing the required volumes of wood for us and our sister plant, Zellstoff Rosenthal. Both plants require 5 million solid metres of wood every year.

We use wood from the timber industry and by-products from the sawmill industry (wood shavings). We source or wood from domestic forests whenever possible. If long transport routes cannot be avoided, we prefer sea and rail freight as environmentally-friendly transport options.

The safe and sustained supply of the raw material wood is paramount to us. This is why sustainable forestry is our top priority when purchasing wood. The principle of sustainability has been practised in German forests for centuries. It adheres to the policy of never felling more wood in a forested area than is regrowing in the same period of time. We predominantly buy wood from certified forest areas with evidence of origin and sustainable cultivation. Our company has been certified in accordance with the PEFC and FSC® product chain standard (Chain of Custody).

We take care that our forests are cultivated in a way that maintains their biological diversity, productivity, vitality and regeneration capacity. Forests play an important ecological, economical and social function on a local and national scale, and we want this to be true in the future, too.  (Definition by the ministerial conference of forest conservation in Europe).