Valuable byproducts

Chemicals from one hundred percent renewable resources

All coniferous trees contain resins and soap. Among other things, they are used in nature to store nutrients or as biological protection against pests such as bark beetles. Our production process isolates the soap and refines it into tall oil. Tall oil has a similar structure to crude oil and is therefore very suitable as a renewable raw material instead of fossil fuel. ‘Tall’ is the Swedish word for ‘pine’. Due to its comparatively high proportion of resin, it is named after this substance.

Our customers in the chemical industry use tall oil, a product made of 100% renewable raw materials, for production of paints, varnishes, adhesives, tyres, pharmaceuticals, and more. Another application for tall oil is the production of biodiesel.

Anyone who has smelled turpentine in its industrial form might have been surprised that this substance – despite its intense odour – is indispensable to producers of fragrances that are used to scent perfumes, deodorants, detergents, etc.