Pulp, bioenergy and more!

We make the most of wood!

Mercer Stendal produces kraft pulp, specifically: NBSK market pulp (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft). Our primary raw material is coniferous wood.
Our goal is to use this precious, renewable raw material as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Besides cellulose fibre, we extract various biochemicals during the wood production process, which are used in the chemical industry: turpentine and tall oil.

After utilising the wooden biomass extensively, we use the remaining organic components to generate bioenergy. Our biomass power plant operates on the basis of solid biomass and is the largest of its kind in Germany.

Our pulp is a raw material for the paper industry, used especially for the production of print, hygiene and special papers; it is also used as fresh fibre in paper recycling. This is the only way of maintaining the recycling cycle.

Together with Mercer Rosenthal in Blankenstein, southern Thuringia and Mercer Celgar in Castlegar/Canada, Mercer Stendal is part of the North-American Mercer International Group, one of the world’s leading producers of long-fibre market pulp. The three Mercer pulp factories produce more than 1.5 million tonnes of pulp per year.